Quor, provider of trading, risk and logistics software for global commodities markets has announced its partnership with CarbonChain, a specialist software provider that helps commodity traders track their transition to a low carbon economy.

Climate change directives are driving the need for organisations in industries such as mining, oil and gas and agriculture, traditionally seen as heavy polluters, to conduct business processes in a ‘green’ manner to comply with ESG and avoid heavy financial penalties. Participants who are able to quantify their trade portfolios’ carbon footprint and identify supply chains most at risk as the price of carbon rises, will have competitive advantage.

“Our customers, especially in the metals industry are building their plans for the green transition right now”, says Tasja Botha, CEO, Quor. “We are delighted to partner with CarbonChain who are software innovators in this field. A combined Quor CTRM and CarbonChain offering will help our customers demonstrate leadership in ESG to their shareholders, customers and the wider market, by being able to trade more sustainably. Understanding the impact of your carbon footprint on your balance sheet is key to driving trading profitability,” she adds.

CarbonChain products offer quantitative and actionable solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the supply chains of the world’s most polluting industries. By integrating to Quor’s CTRM workflow, customers will benefit from little or no overhead to help them unlock immediate sustainability-linked opportunities such as access to green finance and discounted interest rates from financial institutions.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Quor, an established CTRM vendor with over 30 years of serving the global commodities trading space. Our mission is to make supply chains green again. We are looking forward to working Quor’s customers to help them fulfil ESG requirements and attain sustainability leadership recognition,” says Roheet Shah, Chief Operating Officer, CarbonChain.